First day of the posing seminar.

22 February 2014 Konráð Valur Gíslason

First day of the posing seminar (22.02.14)

Today was the first day of ICELANDFITNESS and Maggi Sam posing seminar.

This time we decided to get Heiðar Jónsson, also known as Heiðar snyrtir, to teach the figure fitness and the bikini fitness girls to walk correctly in high heels.

Heiðar snyrtir is well known for his work over the years with the Icelandic beauty pegeant.

The girls got a great lesson in walking in high heels and we all had a great time:)

heidar snyrtir3

Heiðar snyrtir shows Steinunn Margrét and Sigrún Morthens how to walk.


heidar snyrtir1

Heiðar snyrtir talking to few of the girls:)


heidar snyrtir2

Heiðar snyrtir with the bikini fitness girls.


heidar snyrtir4

Showing Eva Lind Fells how to walk in high heels.


heidar snyrtir5

Maggi Sam and Ásta Björk.