Magnea Gunnars signed up with Scitec nutrition

10 January 2014 Konráð Valur Gíslason

In the beginning of January 2014 Magnea Gunnars signed a 1year contract with Scitec nutrition.

This contract will help Magnea Gunnars with all the expenses that come with competing abroad.

Magnea Gunnars is very excited about being a part of the Scitec nutrition family or as she says on her facebook page:

"So it´s official!! I just signed a one year contract with Scitec Nutrition. Scitec is the biggest supplement producers in Evrope. What I love most about Scitec Nutrition is that they offer so big variety and you can choose from and so many good flavours. I´m looking forward to work with them!!"


You can visit their webside; www.scitecnutrition