Sarah´s favorite exercise

04 December 2013 Konráð Valur Gíslason

This hard-core exersise is one of my favorite at the moment!

rsz sarah planking 










Core exercises are very important but often forgotten. And by core exercise I don’t mean crunches! The core of the body is responsible for supporting the back, spine and shoulders. My lower back is sometimes giving me a hard time, so when the abs/core are weak the lower back holds more pressure and weight that affects your training, resulting sometimes in bad back injury… and that we don’t want! So improve your balance by doing some hard-core exercises! My favorite one is the plank, with a little modification…

All you need is a:

bosu ball balance stability











Bosu Balance trainer...


bosu-bb65 xlg3 











and a Bosu Ballast ball.

A little stability and determination! 

What I do is 4 sets of 30 sec reps:

1 set: Both hands on the Bosu Balance trainer and both feet on the Bosu Ballast ball, hold for 30sec

-Remember to keep your spine straight and abs tight!

2 set: Both hands on the Bosu Balance trainer, but only one leg on the Ballast ball. Hold for 30sec on one leg.

3 set: The same as 2nd set but the other leg.

4 set: Both hands on the Bosu Balance trainer and both feet on the Ballast ball and when you can, start bending one knee towards your stomach and then straighten it out. So basically drawing the knee in and then kicking out, the other leg is on the Ballast ball. I try to do 10 reps on each leg. If I fall off the ball I just take 1-2 sec to recover and then start again.

I hope you understand my directions! English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance! :)

I wish you happy planking!

Sarah D

Sarah kviur