Ryan Terry´s posing class

21 October 2014 Konráð Valur Gíslason

USN sponcered athlete Ryan Terry will be teaching a posing class at the Iceland Fitness posing seminar in World Class Laugar on the 31th of Oktober.

ryan terry1Great news for all Men´s Physique competitors competing at the 2014 IFBB Nordic championships and the 2014 IFBB Icelandic Cup.

Men´s Physique IFBB Pro Ryan Terry will be teaching a posing class on the 31th of Oktober in World Class Laugar. The class starts at 14.00 and will take about 60-90min.

Ryan Terry is coming to Iceland on behalf of USN Iceland www.usn.is to promote the USN supplements and himself.

Ryan Terry will be talking about what´s important in your posing routine as well as looking at your posing and giving each and every one a couple of tips on what to improve before the contest.

This is a great opportunity to learn from the best so don´t let this chance slip by.

Ryan Terry is the 2013 Arnold Classic Europe overall champion and is a well known fitness model and has been on the cover of magazines like Muscle and Fitness and Men´s Health.


The class is free of charge.