Sif Sveinsdóttir

sif profile storDate of birth: 13th April, 1982

Category: Figure fitness

Competition history:
2012 IFBB Arnold classic amateur figure D class, 10-18th place
2011 IFBB Oslo grand prix body fitness, 6th place
2011 IFBB Icelandic championships, 4th place
2011 IFBB Arnold classic amateur figure D class, 6th place
2009 IFBB Icelandic cup bikini fitness, 1st place
2008 IFBB Icelandic cup bikini fitness, 3rd place
2008 IFBB Icelandic championships bikini fitness, 3rd place

Also I took my judging license in 2011 for the IFBB in Iceland and in 2012 I was one of the judges on the Icelandic championships. I hope to earn my international license soon.

What do you do for a living?

I work for Arion bank in their main branch at Laugarvegur as well as teaching posing seminars for

How does it work combining work and preparing for a competition?

Usually it´s not that hard. When i´m cutting down I go for cardio around 6 in the morning and then straight to work, I work from 8.30 – 17.00 then it´s straight home to change in to my gym suit for my appointment with my personal trainer and boyfriend Konrad Gislason. When i´m in my off – season mode I usually just train once a day, after work. I try to stay modivated by trying different sports as my cardio, today I might go for a swim and tomorrow it would be something totally different like a bike ride. Sometimes it´s hard after a hard days work to go to the gym but I always feel so good after it.

Why did yoy decide to compete for the first time?

I had been working out in World class Laugar for 2 years both by myself as well with a personal trainer and I loved it. I never really found a sport that I truly loved until I tried fitness. In the winter of 2007 I went to a Dale Carnegie seminar and there I had to determine a goal and achieve that goal by the end of the seminar. So I was already training a lot and I was interested in fitness so I decided to compete in bikini fitness with my good friend Begga ( Bergljót Ólafía Einarsdóttir ) so we started training with our personal trainer Konrad Gislason and preparing for our first bikini fitness competition. That’s how my fitness journey began.

What is you background in sports?

I used to do track and field when I lived in Patreksfjordur and when I moved to Reykjavik to go to high school I started to go to the gym for Body Pump and spinning. My first time in personal training was in 2006.

Do you have the support of your family?

Yes definitely Konrad Gislason is both my boyfriend and my trainer so the household is all about fitness. When i´m cutting down, he´s cutting down, I never have to worry about watching him eat candy in front of me or anything like that and he never complains about how much time i´m spending in the gym
Konrad has done this him self so many times so he knows how difficult it can be and he´s always there to support me. My parents did not really understand this to begin with but today they support me all the way and they know better than to offer me greasy foods and cakes when i´m cutting down for a show.
My family is there for me 100%

Who do you look up to in this sport?

My first role model in fitness was Kristin Kristjansdottir. I think I saw her first compete in 2007 and she looked amazing, she is one of the best Icelandic fitness competitor so far and a great role model in every thing she does. I´m a fan of Nicole Wilkins Lee and i´ve been watching her for a long time, she has made such a big improvements in her body. i´ll never forget the first time I met her at the Arnold classic 2011 and got a picture with her. I also like Larissa Reis.

Where do you train?

I train in World class Laugar and World class Kringlan, I really like the option that I can train in 10 different gym´s and only pay one fee.

Do you train with a partner?

I usually train with my boyfriend Konrad Gislason but I have trained with my niece Heidi Ola (Aðalheiður Ýr Ólafsdóttir) as well as Einý Gunnarsdóttir (Einhildur Ýr Gunnarsdóttir). Actually I have had many very good training partners over the years like Bergljót Ólafía, Heiðrún Ingrid Hlíðberg and Kristín Egilsdóttir, these are girls that I did not know a lot before I began to train with them but are today few my closest friends.

What´s your favorite body part to train?

I want bigger legs and deeper cuts, my favorite exercise at the moment is the 45 degree leg press as well as leg extensions ( with toes facing in )

How´s a typical leg day for Sif Sveinsdottir?

Leg press ( toes facing in) 8x 6-10 – 2 warm up sets
Step up on a bench in a Smith machine 4x 10-15
Walking lunges 4x 10-15
Leg extensions FST7 7x 10-15 pose and stretch between sets
Smith machine sumo squat 4x 20
Romanian dead lift ( toes facing in ) 4x 6-10
Standing leg curl 4x10-15
Standing calf press 4x 10-15

Did you go to a posing seminar when you first started competing?

Yes and i´m so happy I did, even though now I laugh at the way I used to pose in the beginning they could have been a lot worse. There I learned to walk correctly and to pose the best way to show my features. Also your body is always changing so what suited you a year ago is maybe not the right poses for your body today.

What´s your favorite meal while your cutting down?

Sometime it´s eggwhite omelet and sometime it´s chicken salat from Ginger (healthy restaurant) and in my off-season it´s yogurt with musli and fruits.