Katrín Edda Þorsteinsdóttir

kata5Birth date: 8th May, 1989

Competition Category: Bikini Fitness

Competition history: 2014: IFBB Hungarian International Cup, 2nd place. 2014: IFBB Austrian International Cup, 1st place and the Overall title. 2014: IFBB Icelandic Championships, 2nd place. 2013: IFBB Austrian International Championships, 2nd place. 2013: IFBB Icelandic Championships, 4th place. 2012: IFBB Icelandic Championships, 3rd place. 2012: Arnold Classic USA, 11th place. 2011: IFBB Icelandic Cup, 1st place. 2011: IFBB Icelandic Championships, 7th place.

Where do you live?

Karlsruhe, Germany

What do you do for a living?

I finished my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering in Iceland and moved to Karlsruhe in Germany in 2012 to finish my master’s degree in the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. I am doing my master thesis now and will be working at Bosch as well for the next months. I am going to look for a job here in Germany after my studies and stay here at least for the first years. I really love Germany.

rsz kata samt dmurumCongratulations on your win at the Austrian International Cup and the second place at the Hungarian International Cup last weekend. You placed 2nd in -168cm class at the Icelandic championships the week before. Do you feel that you were better in Austria?  

My shape was similar in all of the competitions but I think I brought a very good stage presence in Austria and Hungary which I think played a big roll. I felt very happy on stage and was confident with my poses and routine.

The Austrian Championship was a lot bigger than the championship in Iceland, the whole competition was held rsz kata og davidonly in one day but still everything went very smoothly. Judges were from different countries and competitors from all over Europe. Still the atmosphere was very comfortable and I noticed many people and competitors knew me from last year and I got a great vibe from everybody there.

We were told all of a sudden on the Friday before the Austrian Championship that in Hungary we were not allowed to compete as the competition was only for Hungary and Austria but then the day after in Austria we got information from a man from IFBB Hungary that we could compete and should show up on Sunday. On Sunday morning we went to the venue, all ready to compete and then again were told we were not allowed to compete. When we were ready to go back home the IFBB Hungary suddenly rdchanged their mind and told us we were allowed to step on stage.

All these problems reduced our enthusiasm as we thought maybe the judges would just allow us to participate but not consider us as good competitors so Hilda and Mímir decided not to compete and went home instead. Gísli, David and myself decided though to finish the competition and although I settled for 2nd place in Hungary I don´t regret anything. I always love getting the opportunity to be on stage.

rsz kata gsli og mmirCan you tell us a little bit about the trip to Austria and Hungary?  

I travelled with two other Icelandic competitors, Mímir who was competing in Men’s Physique and David who was competing in Men’s bodybuilding -85 kg. We took a flight to Budapest on Thursday and stayed at a hotel there the whole weekend.

On Friday we looked a little bit at the beautiful city of Budapest and tried to relax a bit. On Saturday morning we drove to Vienna to compete there and met with the other Icelanders, Hilda, Gísli, Maggi and Bjöggi.

After the competition we drove back to Budapest and tried to get a little bit of sleep for the next competition which was on Sunday. On Monday the sun was shining and I was able to take a look at the city, enjoy ice cream and relax before my flight to Karlsruhe later that night.

How do you combine work, school and preparing for a competition?

Honestly, I sometimes don’t know how I manage. I really am not that organized but I am very determined and ambitious and always do what I set my mind up to. So if I say I want to study engineering, work as well and compete in a competition I will do whatever it takes to accomplish that as long as I still feel good, sane and healthy. It is all about determination, willpower and thinking about how good you feel when you reach your goals, one at a time.

Can you tell us when you first started weight lifting and when did the idea of competing come up?  

Back in 2009 I was stuck in a vicious cycle; binge eating, gaining weight, spending hours doing cardio at the gym, starving myself which again lead to eating everything that was in sight. I could never eat without feeling guilty because I never felt like I “deserved” it.

I decided to get a trainer who could help me get on track both with exercising and my diet and therefore started doing weight training at the gym. I loved how my body got stronger and eating great food without feeling guilty. The physical appearance was a bonus! I quickly learned not to look at the numbers on the scale as I noticed I got heavier but still I had a much better shape and muscle definition.

My trainer encouraged me to compete in fitness competitions and he’s been training me for all my competitions with a great success.

What is your goal within the sport?  

At first these fitness competitions just started as a hobby, I love working out and I love being on stage but now it has become a passion of mine. So far I have been doing great combining my fitness lifestyle with my engineering life and I really hope I will continue on being successful in both in my future.

rsz kata  bikiniIn your opinion, what makes a successful Bikini fitness competitor?  

A successful bikini fitness competitor has an athletic body with feminine curves, a bright beautiful smile, great personality, flawless stage presence and the most important - feels self confident and happy on stage.

Who would you say, is a good role model in the sport of fitness?

I think everybody who takes a step towards a better lifestyle, like improving their diet or including more physical activity in their everyday lifestyle is a good role model. But if I should mention somebody known in the industry I really like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is brave and was never afraid to fail. He works hard for everything he wants and really shows dedication in reaching his goals. 


In your career as a Bikini Fitness competitor have there ever been any ideal physiques that you look up to?  

When I started I mainly just looked at Heidi Ola and Kris J as the ideal physique but over the last years I have also been looking at Margret Gnarr. When we started competing together we had a similar physiques and then she spent a year getting her body leaner and reducing muscle mass to fit better into the bikini class exactly like I have been doing now the last year with a good success. Her stage presence is also flawless and to me she demonstrates the perfect bikini competitor.

Where do you train?  

I train in a gym in Karlsruhe called Jonny M.

How does a day in the life of Katrín Edda look like.. Any specific scedule?

Last semester was pretty hectic for me as I was doing an internship at Bosch and since I had to also do classes on Wednesdays and Friday mornings in the University I always had to work until 19 and then take train back home.

5:40: Wake up and go with my bike to the train station. 
6:40: Take a train from Karlsruhe to Bosch Plochingen where I work.
8:00: Start working.
18:50: After 11 hours of work I take train back to Karlsruhe.
20:15: Go from the train station straight to the gym with my bike and work out for ca. 60-80 min.
21:45: Go home, take a shower and go to bed at 22:30 and wake up next day at 5:40.

This semester will be a little bit better as I am doing my master thesis now and can be a little bit more flexible with the hours I work. But I am always super busy!

How is your training program?

I usually don’t follow very strictly a plan. But I try dividing the days for different body parts. For example: Mondays: Shoulders Tuesdays: Legs and glutes  Wednesdays: Back and lower back  Thursdays: Cardio  Friday: Glutes and hamstring

I do a lot of plyometrics, jumping and running and the weather here in Germany allows me to do a lot of my trainings outside and I also really, really love going on bike tours here in Karlsruhe when the weather is great.


What´s your favorite body part to train?  

Definitely glutes!

What´s your favorite exercise?

I have a billion of favorite exercise but if I should choose only one now I’m gonna choose Bulgarian Split Squat.

Do you weigh your food during cutting cycle?  

Yes, I always weigh my food during cutting cycle to be able to keep track on my calorie intake and my macros.

What´s you favorite meal when your cutting down?

Definitely my oatmeal with banana and raisins!

What´s your favorite meal in off-season?

Mexican food is my favorite! I would eat burrito with guacamole for every meal if I could.

Do you listen to music while you train?

Yes, music is very important to me. I listen to a big variety of music but usually hard rock, glam rock or even metal when heavy lifting and all kinds of main stream dance music or electronic when doing jumps or cardio. And I love Beyoncé.

What do you need to work on for your next competition?

I am pretty happy with my shape but would like to improve my glutes a little bit and of course you can always work on getting your stage presence better.

Why, in your opinion, do you think that Icelandic fitness and bodybuilding competitors are doing so well abroad?   

It’s the Icelandic Viking genetics.

rsz kata og hesturWhat interests do you have beside fitness?  

I am a huge animal lover and always feel best surrounded by as many animals as possible. I especially love cats, dogs and horses and love going horse riding when I’m visiting Iceland. Music is a big part of me as well as I love reading books. And of course I am a science geek so I love reading about the newest jet engines.

Where in life will Katrín Edda be in 10 years?

I will be a successful engineer with rock-hard abs designing cool jet engines.

Is there anything you want to say to people that are going to compete for the first time? Take your time! there will always be a competition after this one. It is better to take your time and be prepared mentally as well as physically then to step on stage just because you feel you have invested too much in the preparation. You can’t get a healthy body without having a healthy mind.

Favorite quote?

“The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”

Anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

I am so grateful to have a bunch of great people supporting me. My biggest shoutout goes to the best trainer in the world, Konráð Valur at Iceland Fitness, for always being there for me and answering all my questions. He really knows everything.

Other great people helping me for my competitions are:

  • Bikinis by Freydis- for my beautiful competition suit
  • HH Simonsen and label.m - for providing me with the best hair products so I could do my hair completely by myself when competing outside of Iceland.
  • Sportlíf – for all my supplements
  • Sara Johansen for doing my stage makeup
  • Auður for my nails
  • and Sælan tanning salon for my base tan.

What´s the best way to contact you?

You can always contact me on my Facebook account or on my email katrinedda@gmail.com