Inga María Eyjólfsdóttir

Inga María

Date of birth: 14th August 1990

Category: Bikini fitness

Competition history:
2011 IFBB Icelandic championships bikini fitness
2011 IFBB Icelandic cup bikini fitness

I learned a lot, got into the best shape of my life, improved my form in between competitions and I´m excited to see how much I will improve for my next show.

Where do you work / go to school?

I´m working as an actress and I´ve been in school since I was six years old. This fall I´ll be moving to Denmark study even more in the field of acting.

How does it work combining work, school and preparing for a competition?

I make it work. Working as an actress means that I have to work strange hours so it really all comes down to planning ahead and prioritizing as much as I can.

Why did you decide to compete in bikini fitness?

For me it has always been a distant dream to compete in bikini fitness, I remember watching shows with my mother when I was barely in school. Because of a illness I had I wasn´t able to compete before but when I turned 20 I decided to try it and I´m so happy I did.

How many years have you been training?

I´d been training “bodybuilding style” for 7 months before my first show but before that I did circuit training and went to some open classes at my gym.

What is your background in sports?

I tried so many sports as a kid, soccer, track and field, swimming and basketball. Then I first started training in a gym when I was 15 years old.

Do you feel that your background in swimming has helped you in fitness?

Yes, my trainers always emphasized on doing every movement with control and total focus. I try to use this in my training today.

Do you have the support of your family?

I have the support from my family but my friends don’t really have the same interest in this sport as I have so they don’t always understand why I´m denying myself some foods but their always happy for me when I´m doing well.

What is your goal within the sport?

I usually always write down short time goals but I´d really like to be on the cover of one foreign magazine and win at least one statue (trophy).

Who do you look up to in this sport?

Pauline Nordin for her discipline (she´s it top form all year long), Larissa Reis, Amanda Latona, Ava Cowan, Erin Stern and Nicole Wilkins. Kris J and Heidi Ola have had great success and are my favorite of the Icelandic girls.

Where do you train?

World class is my favorite gym. I train in Laugar, Hafnarfjordur, Seltjarnarnes og Kringlan. The facilities are very good and you can choose from 9 gyms within Reykjavik.

Do you have a training partner?

Konrad Gislason is my trainer and I meet with him three times a week and when I´m not with him I train with Phillips mp3.

How is a typical day in the life of Inga Maria?

I have always been cutting down while I´m in school so I usually do my cardio and eat my oatmeal before I go to school, try to learn as much as I can while I´m their, then it´s my second workout of the day straight after school. After this it´s shower, dinner and then back to school or some kind of work for school. After this it´s usually just planning for the next day. When I have the time, I try to do some yoga or spinning just to change up my workouts a bit so I don’t get bored. When I´m not in school or working out I try to meet my family and friends, play my violin, go to the movies or pet my cat.

How many times a week do you train?

I usually train 12 times a week when I´m cutting down and about 6 times off season.

What´s your favorite body part to train?

Legs, legs and legs again.. I really don’t know why, maybe it´s because they are the hardest exercises.

What´s your favorite exercise?


Do you take any posing classes?

Yes. I went  before both my competitions and it helped me so much.  I would recommend it to every one that’s going to compete. It´s such a big part of the fitness. You have to be able to show your best qualities on the stage.

Do you weigh your food during cutting cycle?

Yes both in my cutting cycle and in my off-season.

What´s you favorite meal when your cutting down?

Oatmeal with cinnamon, Whey protein and sashimi but when I´m in my off-season it´s Skyr (Icelandic dairy product), oatmeal with cinnamon, whey protein, suski and cake with a lot of cream on the side.

Do you listen to music while you train?

Yes I feel that it motivates me. I listen to post grunge, rock and roll and old school rap music.

Do you carb deplete and carb load before a competition?

Yes I do but i´m more of a fan of the carb up section of that cycle.

What do you need to work on for your next competition?

I would like to get bigger glutes as well as a deeper cut.

Why, in your opinion, do you think that Icelandic fitness and bodybuilding
competitors are doing so well abroad?

I think it´s great. Fitness and bikini fitness is always getting bigger and bigger in Iceland and think that’s a positive thing. I think that people should learn about this sport before they start competing, it´s not an easy one. Icelanders are a hard working nation and I think that has something to do with it. Also we have a lot of great trainers in Iceland like Konrad Gislason that help their competitors to a achieve their goals.

Are you interested in competing abroad?

Yes I´m very interested to compete in shows in Europe, competitions like Arnold classic, Europian championships and the World championships.

How important is it to have good sponsors?


It´s very important to have good sponsers. It´s a very expensive sport and for me, being in school, it can get very tough at times. It´s also a motivation that your actually representing someone else as well so the puts a little pressure on you.
It´s a good feeling knowing that someone believes that your going to do well and wants to help you.


Who are your sponsors?


EAS, Stjörnusól (tanning salon), Sjófiskur (company that sells fish), Grand hair extensions, World class and Fjölsport Hafnarfjord.


What supplements do you use?


Multi vit, Lysi ( Icelandic fish oils ), Magnesium, BCAA aminoacids, Glutamin, Creatin, Whey isolate, Casein protein and Nitric oxid pre workout drinks.


Is there anything you want to say to girls that are going to compete for the first time?

Yes try to read every thing you can about fitness and bikini fitness. You need to learn about your body, be patient and get the help of someones who knows about fitness.

Any last words?

I´m happy that I decided to compete in bikini fitness. All the exercises and the clean diet has really helped my in my life. I have a fibromyalgia as well as asma and I feel that the better shape I´m in the less I notice the fibromyalgia and asma. Also competing in bikini fitness has helped my in my struggle against depression. Bikini fitness is motivating for and a great way to let out some steam