Christel Johansen


María KristínDate of birth: 5th November 1993

Hometown: Reykjavík Iceland

Category: Bikini Fitness -163

Competition history:
2014: 1st place at IFBB Icelandic Championship
2014: Top 10-15 at Arnold Classic USA
2013: 2nd place at IFBB Icelandic cup
2013: IFBB Icelandic championship
2012: IFBB Icelandic cup


You competed at the Arnold Classic USA 2014, was it a lot bigger than the Icelandic Championships?

Yes it is. Well it’s one of the biggest fitness competition in the world and they have competitors coming from all around the world. In my class at the Arnold Classic were 32 girls and at the Icelandic Championship we were 19. Than the whole thing that they build around the competition at the Arnold Classic is quiet bigger like the expo and people who come to watch!

Did you meet anyone famous at the Arnolds?

Yes I met Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Ingrid Romero and I was hoping to meet Nathalia Melo but I missed that but got a picture with her post haha. Then ofcourse  Arnold Schwarzenegger was there but I just saw him at the pro show.

You won your first title at the 2014 Icelandic Championships, how did it feel?

It was one of the best feelings in my life, I can’t really describe it, happiness and tears! I had a big smile that was still stuck to my face when I woke up the next morning.

What do you do for a living?

I just took a break from school in the start of this year where I was learning cosmetology and now I am working at the club Austur.

How does it work combining work, school and preparing for a competition?

It hasn’t been a problem for me. I have always been an organized person so I think that helps me a lot, in November I had my final tests and IFBB Icelandic cup at the same time, did really good in the tests and 2nd place at the Icelandic cup. It wasn’t easy but if you want something bad enough you’ll work for it :)

Can you tell us when you first started weight lifting and when did the idea of competing come up?

I had been for years in dance classes at the fitness center I train in (World Class) but if you wanted to go weight lifting you needed to be 16+ so when I got 16 I started lifting beside my dance classes. I noticed some girls at the gym that were planning to compete and I went to see the competition and after that it became a dream! I went in dance school in Denmark and took weight lifting classes at the school beside that and when I graduated I started preparing for my first competition.

What is your background in sports?

Been in Dance for 16 years, Pole fitness, football , gymnastics and skiing.

Do you feel that your background in other sports helped you in fitness?

 A lot I think!

Do you have the support of your family?

Couldn’t have more! They support me all the way.

What is your goal within the sport?

My dream is of course that I want to be competing against the pro’s one day!  Some people take it as a “trend” and compete once or so but I want to go all the way! The top is my goal and be the best version of myself!

In your opinion, what makes a successful Bikini Fitness competitor?

She has an athletic body but still feminine at the same time, shines on the stage with her killer stage performance and of course a lot of self-confident and enjoys being on the stage and a smile that melts the whole crowd.

Who do you look up to in this sport?

Nathalia Melo, Ashley Kaltwasser and Kate Usmanova.

Where do you train?

World Class, always at Laugar.

Do you have a training partner?

Right now I am training with Olga Helena and Anna Líney with our personal trainer Konni.

How many times a week do you train?

In my off-season I train 6 times a week, Sunday is a rest day and in my on-season it’s 11 times a week and Sunday also a rest day! :D

How is your training program?

I divide the days for different body parts.
Monday: Shoulders and Biceps
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Back
Thursday: Glutes
Friday: Shoulders and Triceps
Saturday: Hamstring and Glutes.

And in my off-season I do a little cardio after my workout + abs 3x a week and in my on-season I have morning cardio as well.

What´s your favorite body part to train?

Shoulders and glutes!!! :D

What´s your favorite exercise?

I have so many that I don’t really know what to choose!! But to name something I am going say squats and also all kinds of jumps, love jumping haha :D

Do you take any posing classes?

I have been couple of times at the posing seminar, I go there every time before my competitions.

Do you weigh your food during cutting cycle?

Always! I need to know how much I am eating and also I am kind a curious haha.

What's your favorite meal when your cutting down?

Definitely fish we call Bleikja in Iceland and sweet potatoes! And every morning I wake up excited to get my oatmeal with vanilla protein powder!!

What´s your favorite meal in off-season?

Well I love strong food but if I should choose one meal I would say 73 restaurant , it’s a place we have here down town Iceland that has this hamburger with real 300gr beef and the best potato ever! Could eat that every day but so we are clear I have never been able to finish the whole thing haha !! :D 

Do you listen to music while you train?

Just when I am training alone!  I have an app in my phone named “fitradio” that I always listen to.. There I can choose what kind of training I am doing and the style of music I like! ;)

Do you carb deplete and carb load before a competition?

Yes I do, I have once skipped it and I didn’t like it.

What do you need to work on for your next competition?

My glutes! I have this perfect shape of glute in my mind that I want! And I will get it!! :D 

Why, in your opinion, do you think that Icelandic fitness and bodybuilding competitors are doing so well abroad?

Well it must come from our perfect water!!

Are you interested in competing abroad?

Yes I am! I have done it once and I loved it and I am planning on competing abroad again this year.

What are your interests beside fitness?

I love dancing - I have done that since I was 3 years old, traveling, being outside (nature child) camping and all that comes with it, snowboarding, of course being with my friends and family- I always want to have a bunch of people with me, makeup and fashion could I spend hours on and I want to work with that in my future.

How important is it to have good sponsors?

Really important! Everything about this lifestyle and competitions can be expensive :) I am so thankful for all my sponsors because without them I might not be where I am jet.

Who are your sponsors? – Iceland Fitness, Fitness Sport, 73 Iceland, Há, Serrano, Arnor Halldorsson Photography, Jan Tana Iceland, World Class - Laugar Spa, Make up Sara Johansen, Beautynailsoghár Alex, Kiss Kringlunni and Via health Stevia.

Where in life is Christel in 10 years?

First of all I hope I will be on the top in this sport, that is a dream! Owner of a fashion store, makeup artist and a personal trainer who lives in this beautiful house, probably with boyfriend and a baby.. Well I will be 30 years old than haha..

Is there anything you want to say to people that are going to compete for the first time?

Take your time to prepare yourself, be ready both mentally and physically before you step on stage, don’t go there just to go there!! If you are ready then have fun and rock the stage and remember to enjoy being there!

Favorite quote?

If you want it you’ll find a way if not you’ll find an excuse. You Earn you’re body!

Final words, anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

First of all those who support me in what I am doing, I am so lucky to have bunch of them! My  family, friends, sponsors and my trainer Konni (Iceland fitness) who makes all of my awesome programs and has always answers for everything witch is pretty good for a blondie like me haha :D – Iceland Fitness
Fitness Sport
73 Iceland
Arnor Halldorsson Photography
Jan Tana Iceland
World Class-Laugar Spa
Make up Sara Johansen
Beautynailsoghár Alex
Kiss Kringlunni
Via health Stevia
And ofcourse Bikinis By Freydis for making the most beautiful competition suits and bikinis for my photoshoots !

What´s the best way to contact you?

My email : and of course facebook :