Ásta Björk Bolladóttir

Ásta BjörkDate of birth: 25th February, 1992

Category: Bikine / figure

Competition history:
I just started competing, my first competition was the 2012 Islandic championship and I placed 7th in my height category.

Place of work:

I work in a store and i´m still in school.

How does it work combining work, school and preparing for a competition?

Well it´s really all about organizing, I prepare all my meals the day before
and I always find time during the day to fit my exercises.

Why did yoy decide to compete?

I´ve been interested in this sport for a few years and I always knew that I would compete one day. I find this sport very demanding and at the same time awarding and fun

How many years have you been training?

I played handball ( one of Icelandic most popular sports ) for many years but it wasn´t until I started training with my personal trainer Konrad Gislason that I saw any real improvement on my body. I trained with Konrad Gislason from September 2011 until my competition in april 2012,  now he does all my training programs and helps my with my diet.

Do you think playing handball for so many years helped you preparing for bikini fitness?

Yes i´m sure of it. My handball trainer ( Bjarney ) was also a personal trainer so she helped us in the gym and tought us to lift weights the right way and eat healthy.

How is a typical day in the life of Ásta Björk?

Pre-contest I usually get up around 5.20 in the morning and have my self a small shake combined of whey protein and glutamin and then I prepar for my first workout of the day, usually I do about 20min of ab exercises and then about 30 min of cardio (I only did cardio the last 4 weeks before my competition).

What´s your favourite exercise?

Well my favorite exercises ,these days, are laterial raises and Romanian dead lifts and my favorite body parts to train are shoulders and upper back because those bodyparts were my weakest. Now, along with my abs, they are my strongest .

What´s your favorite meal in the cutting cycle?

Protein pancakes made of egg whites and chocolate whey protein from Optimum Nutrition, I know it doesn´t sound good but it´s really delicious  Also I really love red meat i´m a fan of a medium raw juicy steak . When I want to treat myself i go to Ginger ( Icelandic health restaurant ) during lunch and have whats called fitness salad.

Is there anything you want to say to girls that are going to compete for the first time?

Yes, get a good personal trainer that will help you before ,and after, competition.
It help´s a lot to have good sponsers because it´s very expensive to compete for the first time. Try to get sponsors for food supelments, make up, tan, nails etc. etc.