Aníta Rós Aradóttir

Aníta RósDate of birth: 10th November 1989

Category: Bikini fitness -171cm.

Competition history:
2012 IFBB Icelandic Cup 6th place.
2012 IFBB Icelandic Championship 4th place.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a student at the University of Iceland, studying sports and health.

How do you combine school and preparing for a competition?

It has gone very well, this is just a matter of planning.

Why did you decide to start competing in fitness?

I wanted a demanding challenge and really wanted to get into the best shape of my life, as well as to get more experience and knowledge in training and diet.

What is your history in sports?

I practiced gymnastics, basketball and football as a child and teenager. When I started collage I got very interested in all kinds of fitness, runinng and boot camp and I participated in various competitions such as Þrekmeistarinn and Lífstílsmeistaranum, Stálkonunni and MMA hreystibraut.

For how long had you trained before your first fitness competition?

I had been practicing sports for several years, but only started weight lifting regularly about a year beforehand.

Do you think your sports background has helped to compete in bikini fitness? 

Yes absolutely. Boot camp helped alot with strong discipline and the right attitude.

Do you get support from friends and family in the cutting-season?

Yes 100% from the closest among friends and family.

What is your goal within the sport? 

My goals are to work conscientiously on bettering my self, follow the program, and be the best I can be. Achieve increasingly better results in tournaments in Iceland and if it goes well, go abroad to compete. 

Who do you look up to in this sport?

Andreia Brazier is one of my favorite competitors abroad, very beautiful girl with an impressive stage presence. On Iceland there are some hot bodies as well, the ones standing out are Katrín Edda, Heiða Berta and Kristbjörg Jónasdóttir.

Where do you pracite?

Sportstöðin, Selfossi. Sufficiently large base, all in all, a good environment and amusing companions.

Do you have a training partner?

Usually I practice alone, but in between my friends sometimes join me. But I follow a fitness plan by Konni.

How does a day in the life of Aníta Rós look like.. Any specific scedule?

Wake up just before 6 and go to a boot camp workout or go cardio training (depending on season), then I go to school, weight lifting exercise in the afternoon, the hot taub right after, home for dinner, study, finish uncompleted work or meet friends if there is time in the evening and not too late to bed. The aim is to achieve 8 hours of sleep every night.

How often do you train while cutting down?

12 times per week.

How about off season?

 6-9x offseason.

How is your training program?

I weight lift 6 time per week.
-Monday: Shoulders and bicep + abs
-Tuesday: Legs
-Wednesday: Back + abs
-Thursday: Chest, glutes and outer thighs.
-Friday: Shoulders and triceps + abs.
-Saturday: Hamstring, calves and glutes.

What´s your favorite body part to train?

Shoulders, biceps and back. Axlir, tvíhöfða og bak. I think those muscle groups look good and it's fun to see them pumped. 

What´s your favorite exercise?

Bicep curl.

Do you take any posing classes?

Yes I went on Konni, Sif Sveins and Maggi Sam's posing seminar before the Icelandic Champinonships and I'm going again before the Icelandic Cup. Believe it is really necessary if going on stage, so I sincerely recommend this seminar with them. They are very experienced in this field.

How long is your cutting perioid?

12-14 weeks.

What's your favourite meal while cutting down?

Oatmeal with chocolate protein.

How about off season?

Seylon chickenwraps and Saffran.

What supplements do you use?

Whey protein, casein protein, creatin, glutamin, amino energy, S.A.W, CLA, Magnesium + vitamins.

Do you listen to music while training?

Yes always except when I need to focus on a proper technology or a high accuracy.

What do you need to work on for your next competition?

Bigger glutes, more shoulders and back, more elegant waist and get rippeder abs.

What do you think of this great performance by Icelandic competitors who are getting in international tournaments?

Ofcourse I think it's great! Iceland, best in the world.

Have you considered competing abroad?

Yes, you never know.

How important do you thnink is to have sponsors in this sport?

Not really necessary but very good for reducing the cost of purchasing dietary supplements and so on.

Who are your sponsors?

Sportstöðin Selfossi, Laugarsport, Snyrtistofa Ólafar, Sportlíf, Bylgjur og bartar.

Is there anything you want to say to people that are going to compete for the first time?

Get a good coach and follow his guides.

Something to end with?

Go hard! No excuses.