Aðalheiður Ýr Ólafsdóttir

Aðalheiður ÝrDate of birth: 14th  April, 1984

Category: Bikini fitness

Competition history:
2012 IFBB Icelandic Cup, 1st place and overl winner.
2012 Arnold Classic Amatuer Europe, 6th place.
2012 Womans World Championship.
2012 Bikini World Cup, 1st place.
2012 Loaded Cup, 1st place.
2012 IFBB Icelandic Champions, 1st place.
2012 Arnold Classic F class, 2nd place
2011 IFBB Icelandic Champions, 3rd place.
2010 IFBB Icelandic Cup, 6th place
2009 IFBB Icelandic Cup, 3rd place.

What do you do for a living?

I am a licenced beautician but I work as a personal trainer in World Class Iceland, and also i have groups in my fitness class tvo times a week.

How do you combine work and preparing for a competition?

I control my work hours, so my training goes perfectly with my job, but I have to organize my day thoroughly.

Why did you decide to start competing in fitness?

I  first decided to compete  after I watched the Icelandic cup in 2008, and became completely fascinated.  I saw the model fitness class or bikini fitness class and thought that it was something I wanted to do.


For how long had you trained before your first fitness competition?

I´ve always been in some kind of sports. When I was 16 I started to work out in World Class, I started to lift some weights, but mainly light weights, and did took some classes like kick box and some others. When I met my boyfriend 5 years ago he advised me to to some heavy weights and my interest in fitness began and I took a year or so just to prepare my self physicallly

What is your history in sports?

I did ballet and jazz, and I spent my summers training in track and field but  mostly high jump.

Do you think your sports background has helped to compete in bikini fitness?

Yes no doubt about it, it is always helpful to have athletic background. In my case  it probably helped that I was in bellet and therefore I´m flexable and got long muscles, and feminen moves when I´m performing.  I´m used to dance on stage in front of huge crowd.  And I belive that doing field and track is a very good foundation for just about anything.

Do you get support from friends and family in the cutting-season?

Yes I´m very lucky, my boyfriend supports me 100%  and my parenst are amazing, they are behind me in everything I set my mind to.

What are your goals within the sport? 

First it was just a hobby, now it has become more like a lifestyle. My work is also related to the fitness, so you can say that my whole day evolves around this sport. And now my goal is to get a pro card as a bikini model.

Who do you look up to in this sport?

First and foremost it´s the powerbomb Jennifer Nicole Lee who always inspires me. She´s super active like me and  has achieved being a mom, wife and  making her hobby also her work.  Dianna Dahlgren, Ingrid Romero, Nathalia Melo and India Isabel Paulino would be my latest role models who are currently in the sport. They´re just so fit and fabulous!

Where do you pracite?

In World Class Laugar, in Reykjavík that´s the biggest center and therefore has the most variety of equipment. I also work there, so it´s very convenient.

Do you have a training partner?

It´s always more fun to have a partner and I have a few good friends who work out with me but I try to use my day wisely so I sometimes work out by my self between clients. Then it´s all about having  good songs in my ipot and power on. Sometimes that also helps me relax, I get some alone time  which is important, and  especially during cuts I love being with just me and my thoughts and doing some carbo. Usually when it´s 3 months to my tournament I have a personal trainer , Konráð Valur Gíslason, but he also makes my plan off season even though I work out by my self. I am a licensed trainer but I always value his opinion.  I´m not the best judge of my strengths and weaknesses and he has worked with me from the very beginning and is an expert in this field. It´s also nice to have someone else do the thinking when it gets closer to the tournaments because it can be a lot of pressure.

I have a lot of good work out buddy´s including, Brynja Dan, Sif Sveins and Kristbjörg but then before tournaments I work out with the girls who also train with Konni.

How is you typical day routine?

Wake up at 5:30 and teach a class called Fitness Form in  World Class at 6:15.
Work from frá 8–12 as a personal trainer, then have lunch at Nings restaurant. At 1 o'clock I work out (heavy weights) and then go back to training my clients from  3 to 7. Then I go home to cook, walk the dog, do some work at the computer and then go to bed.

During on-season and when I´m on a cut diet my day is basically the same, however I watch my diet even more, try to get more sleep and let my boyfriend walk the dog.

How often do you train a week? And while cutting?

It varies, this year I´ve only had to work out 6 times a week for the tournaments like I do off season but that means I have tried to stay in shape between tournaments and when I go 100% on my cut diet everything happens quickly, So I guess you can say that I work out 6 times a week almost  all year long.

How do you split your workouts?

Day 1: Shoulders and biceps
Day 2: legs
Day 3: back
Day 4:  my choice, some extras, sometimes chest.
Day 5: shoulders and triceps
Day 6  : Gluteus  and hamstrings

What´s your favorite body part to excersise and why?

Gluteus og hamstrings. Maybe because that´s my favorive part of the female body and my strenght lies there. There´s nothing like having a well shaped butt.

What's your favourite excersise?

Gluteus lifts  in a machine.

How long is your cutting perioid?

6, 8 or 12 weeks depending on my shape and how long it´s been since my last tournament.

Do you weight your food while cutting down? 

yes, all of it.

What's your favourite meal while cutting down?

Fitness course on Nings and grilled trout.

How about off-season?

Steak with bernais sauce. I also eat steak about once a week during my cut season but with leaner sauce.

What supplements do you use?

Everything from QNT.

Do you go on regular basis to a message therapist?

Yes I go on regular basis and have a "sports massage" from Einar Carl Axelsson, and I´ve done that from the start and that´s had a great impact. And now I just started recently going for extra stretches with Víðir Þór Þrastarson trainer and instruction in World Class. And I use the foam roll a lot.